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Thread: 4x4 advice

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    4x4 advice

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to buy a used double cab 4x4 and was wondering what people use and recommend. I've had a look online and the Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger and Isuzu Rodeo appear to be the most common and best priced. I dont want something overly expensive but needs to be comfortable enough for the drive to scotland, yet practicl enough for day to day use.


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    Hi Sp4rkman, Last couple of seasons there has been a Ranger used on the shoot. Goes anywhere, comfortable and hasn't had major problems. I can't speak for the others you mention but would say the Ranger is o.k. Would also say spares are easy and not too dear. Cheers.

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    Hi Sp4rkman, I have a ranger on a 52 plate. It is fantastic. Better off road than a hilux, cheaper and confortable. I can't recommend them enough.
    Plenty of room for those sitting in the back whilst maintaining a large pickup bed. I am also embarrassed to say that mine has done 50,000 without a proper service. I might book it in for one this week.

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    I recall that a few chaps on the Pigeon Watch forum have had to have engines replaced on their Navaras (work that Nissan wouldn't do under warranty). It might be worth investigating.

    I'm a Land Rover owner, but there's no way I'd want to journey to Scotland in a 110 double-cab...

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    Last year I bought a new Isuzu Rhodeo LE. This is the top of the range one with the pro drive pack. But I test drove the basic model which still throws out about 130 Brake Horse. Prior to this I had a Chevy/Isuzu ex demo for about 2 years.

    There is a garage called Lifton Bridge in Somerset, which brings in a lot of 4x4 crew cabs, although they are considered grey imports, but are brand new. He has a lot of kit down there, and it looks top stuff.

    I decided in the end to buy direct through Isuzu, and at the end of the day there was not much in it between a makers model and an import.

    I have to say I am well chuffed with my truck, but it has all the toys so it was not cheap. Excellant vehicles I would recommend them to anyone.

    Navara's had some recalls due to emission problems I think, and they are not as economical as an Isuzu.

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    i have a navara on an 03 plate, it's fairly heavy on fuel and if you are towing you can almost see the gauge going down, there's also not a huge amount of legroom in the back but seeing as i'm driving it doesn't bother me . must admit that i love it and haven't had any problems, service intervals are supposed to be every six months wheras the new shape ones are every 12 months and they are better on fuel because of the six speed box which would help a lot going to scotland.

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    Hi Baldrick,
    I took my ex mil 110, 300 tdi conservation up to Tain in Scotland from Coventry. It was great fun! Now it runs on veg oil it will be fun and cheaper next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Hi Baldrick,
    I took my ex mil 110, 300 tdi conservation up to Tain in Scotland from Coventry. It was great fun! Now it runs on veg oil it will be fun and cheaper next time!
    Aye, cos we will hopefully be in my car with proper music, (linkin park and foo fighters), or there may be other choices if required, a heater that keeps you warm and no wind coming through the doors and windows. Oh, and will do 40-50 mpg


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    Theres only one vehicle for me,a landie defender.
    They're not cheap,not very economical,they're uncomfortable,you can't get much in them,they've got a poor turning circle,they leak when it rains,they're noisy....but apart from that they're PERFECT!!
    I love mine and I don't think I would have anything else and yes I do drive it to northumberland and scotland full up with wife,kids,dogs and sporting paraphenalia!!
    The trouble with vehicles with electrical goodies on them is they have a nasty habit of going wrong.
    Before the landie I had a top of the range range rover and the bloody thing spent more time in the dealers workshop than on my drive!

    At the end of the day it's a personal thing, you pays yer money....

    All the best,


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