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Thread: Fore-end sling stud on T3 - should it move?

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    Fore-end sling stud on T3 - should it move?

    Picked up swivels and a sling for my new (to me) T3 varmint and when I fitted it I realised the stud on the fore-end rotates. There's no outward movement away from stock but it can be rotated with moderate finger pressure and obviously it also rotates when I shoulder the sling.

    Is it meant to or should I get it checked?

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    I believe theirs a little nut on the other end of you remove the action from the stock you can tighten it up

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    Depends on how old your T3 is: Mine is c.10 years old, and the fore-end stud all but pulled out when I used it (a lot) with a Harris bipod. I fixed it up by drilling out, and fitting a stud with a nut and washers. Plus some epoxy.
    I think/hope, the modern stocks are better but, whatever, your stud should NOT turn/twist

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    If you do remove the stud put a large washer and nut on the back for better security to stop it pulling thru the stock

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    I do not think it should move, mine did and I got the original suppliers to sort it with epoxy, but I made them do it.

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    Thanks for the responses. I suspected as much...

    Now I get to see how to remove the action from the stock! One day I may even get to fire it...

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