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Thread: weird and wonderful caliber for fun and a better job?

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    weird and wonderful caliber for fun and a better job?

    I was thinking of getting a Browning BLR in .358 Winchester. I have a .308 Winchester Tikka T3, the usual UK stalking set up, and it works great, and for static shots brilliant. The BLR is an idea for French driven hunts with boar, but also more closer range southern UK woodland deer and boar stalking and getting up and down in high seats. I was thinking of the breakdown model and putting a 1X6 power scope on it, so it could handle quick driven, but I could if I had to take a 200m shot static. And stick in in a hardcase for all types of travel. I am really into all my rifles having that adaptability factor.The obvious one is to just get another .308 Winchester in BLR, but it seems the .358 Winchester works very well(that is shooting flat), almost as well as .308 if loaded with 180 to 200 gr. bullets. And it really thumps beasts apparently. I can in theory make .358 win cases from .308 win cases by resizing them. I might be out on a limb if I cannot for some reason bring my own reloads, but I do not see that happening necessarily. Is it worth it to take the plunge and go for a weird and wonderful caliber?

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    I'm in the process of building a 358W on a short action Savage bolt , so I guess I'm biased . I've used four different 35 cals over the years , they are greatly under appreciated . I have a few friends who use BLR's in 358 and they all swear by them . They have plenty of power for Moose and Elk , but aren't overly destructive on the smaller species . I settled on 225 Nosler Partitions long ago and have never had reason to change . You've got my vote , and you won't regret it .


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    I put a lot of thought in to a .358" (got a .458" instead) and the short case is a great one! It'll really work for you. A 308 will do most of what you want but you can go heavier with the 35 and I'm a fan of heavy bullets.

    Its a shame you want the 200m capability otherwise I'd suggest 450 Marlin given the rifle choice. It'll reach out there but trajectory is nowhere near as good as the 358. 350gr at 2100fps would certainly knock stuff down mind.
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    I have also got a 358 in mid build. Small Ring 98 Mauser action, Douglas air gaged barrel.~Muir

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    In those odd bizarre moments...that last until my next tablet...I've wondered about a .458 Winchester with lead, paper patched (of course), bullets and blackpowder. Then sanity returns!

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    Paper Patched .................... go for an original 577/450. Got to shoot a hunting rifle for thsi cartridge at Bisley more than once as chap in the club had one. Some sort of Martini but with a large cocker/decocker lever on the side. It sure hot that back stop hard and in teh winter wiht the back stop wet excavated large holes in it. Would have loved a hunting rifle like his but not common and beyond my pockets reach.

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    I have a BLR in 7mm-08, which is a wonderful deer rifle. A friend has an old steel receiver BLR in .358 Win as his main deer / boar / bear rifle.

    Here in the USA, the last time I checked, extra barrels for the BLR Takedown were only about $225.00 full list price. So you could have a .358 Win with a 20-inch barrel a 7mm-08 or .308, for less than $1,000 at full list price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I have also got a 358 in mid build. Small Ring 98 Mauser action, Douglas air gaged barrel.~Muir
    I had a nice small ring 98 that I put an unissued Swedish M38 barrel in 6.5X55 on . It shot spectacularly ........... naturally , I sold it . I seem to detect a pattern , lol . That'll make for a very nice rifle Muir .


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    Also consider the 338 federal ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I have been collecting parts for awhile a old sako finnbear with a bad barrel donated action, a leupold 6x42, a set of iron sights, and a shilen barrel. Ive collected 160 norma loaded rounds I found at a gun shop that was going out ofbusiness. The cartridge, a 358 norma mag. I like the out of the ordinary stuff. Why, ive always wanted one

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