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Thread: Hello from Essex

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    Hello from Essex

    Hi, I have been shooting shotguns for the last 20 years, moved to rimfire 3 years ago, and have just got my first C/F.
    So far I have CZ in .22lr, Anschutz 1517 hmr and now a Browning X-Bolt in .223.
    My shooting is all on one farm, and as the fisheries officer for a fishing club I also do the pest control around 6 lakes.
    Mainly I shoot rabbits and control Moorhen numbers (in season) for the farmer.
    Other interests are fishing, and fisheries management and improvement, including digging 2 lakes from scratch and re digging and extending several others.
    Unemployed for the last few years due to health issues, which have meant a few visits to the surgeons knife over the last 7 years, the last one being a spinal fusion last weekend.
    And yes that does mean no shooting for a few weeks
    Although I may manage a few rabbits out the car window with the HMR later this week

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    Spinal fusion- sounds nasty! Hope you make a good/quick recovery. All the best!

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    Hope you are getting over your opp and can soon get back to shooting , best wishes

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    Slowly but surely I think.
    As for shooting, well I sat in the car this evening with the HMR waiting for bunnies to come out.
    Started ok, first couple fell down as they should, but 28 shots later I only had 17 rabbits
    Having trouble getting my eye lined up with the scope properly, still too stiff it seems


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    get well soon and good luck with the rabbits. If you need an assistance, you now know where to look.
    ALso being a doc, i can provide you first aid etc.
    Born to hunt, forced to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter View Post
    ALso being a doc, i can provide you first aid etc.
    I'm not that bad a shot


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    Hello mate welcome to the site, I have found it a very helpful & friendly site. Where in Essex are you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by needsy View Post
    Where in Essex are you,
    Thanks for the dig
    I finally remembered to fill my profile in


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