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Thread: Took me by surprise

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    Took me by surprise

    Well I've been putting a bit of work in with the dog (a nearly 2 year old Weimaraner bitch). Now this is more of a family pet that comes out stalking with me and we've taken 4 roe so far, done a bit of tracking and had a couple of goes on the ducks. This dog is so placid it's unbelievable having to put up with a 6 year old daughter and that's no easy task at times.
    Last week end I went to my syndicate spot and spotted 2 does just under the tree line. I couldn't get a clear shot but couldn't alter my position so I set the sticks & rifle, dog sat by my side and waited. About 5 minutes later the follower stuck her head out of cover and I took a neck shot. As she went down on the spot the other ran along the tree line where I followed it in the cross hairs, but it didn't stop or turn. Then the one on the floor started to kick so I sent the dog in. As she reached the deer it was trying to stand. The dog took old by the throat and dragged it down, then threw it around by its throat as if it was a stuffed teddy. The doe was quite a bit bigger than the dog. By the time I made the 80 yds the deer was definitely dead and the dog exhibited a possessed aggression you usually see on wildlife programmes on TV.
    I called her off and she switched off back to normal placid dog.
    It was a shock to see her behaviour switch but good to know she has it in her to handle the situation. Now 5 roe.

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    Nice story, always love to see dog show true instinct

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