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Thread: First sighting for me last night !

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    First sighting for me last night !

    Hi Folks
    I was out last night looking for a buck on a new piece of ground and also having a wander round its boundary just to get the lay of the land , I started by just following the fence along the side and round the back of the different blocks of forrestry to see whats about I was surprised by the amount of deer droppings lying about and even spied a healthy amount of deer.
    I had spent about 3 hours wandering around and decided it was time to have a rest and sit in the highseat I found in the trees along a nice clear ride, after about 45 minutes a nice looking roe doe came munching her away along which I enjoyed watching , Then about 10 minutes after she had toddled off I became aware of something jumping around between the trees about the size of a good cat. I had a look through my binos and to my surprise it was a Pine Martin I watched it for a while jumping about till it decided to wander off into the trees.
    I decided to give up waiting for my first buck on this new ground and head back to the motor so set off along the ride to the track, I couldn't have been more than 5 meters from the track when I became aware of another Pine Martin watching me from below a tree about 10 meters away (It always happens when I don't have my camera).
    This is the first time I have ever seen a Pine Martin and I presume they must be a breeding pair but this new ground also has a few Grouse on it that the landowner wants to encourage to grow and repopulate. I am no expert but I fear the Pine Martins could be quite partial to grouse eggs and young I do also know that the PM's are protected and did make my night last night . I do love just sitting in the wood listening and watching because there is always something new to see or hear and if I get a deer then thats a bonus.

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    Sounds like a nice piece of ground Karl. I was surprised how big pine martens are when I first saw one. I know they are buggers as far as game is concerned but they are a joy to watch.
    Have fun with the new place.

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    saw my first pine martin 3 weeks ago

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    de ja vue, this must be a new thing. i seen one in Aberdeen three weeks ago crossing the road in the wood i stalk. i never gave it a thought tilli sen this thread.
    having never seen one either i called my mate who told me what it was.
    it wasn't what i would say a friendly looking animal and i sure wouldn't like to trap one in a corner.
    i wonder are their numbers increasing..... how much potential impact due they have i wonder.


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    Hi Centralbeltstalker
    I have wondered that too I have never seen one before and was quite fascinated by them but as you say I wouldn't want to get one cornered , They were bigger than I imagined and I do wonder what damage they could be doing to the resident Grouse population.
    By the way I am based just North of Aberdeen so maybe they are having a population boom here in the North East of Scotland,

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    i spoke about this to another mate today after seeing this.
    he says they are great tree climbers
    now i know why i got that watched feeling ha ha .....

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