Passed my DSC1 in January, and my certificate has just arrived with a nifty little badge to boot.

Less than four weeks from completion to receipt which isn't too shabby. Really pleased and, I will say, the course though intense was extremely enjoyable.

Many thanks to David Stretton and all at Donington Deer Management for a great course. David is very knowledgeable on his subject and a true gent as well. I am however still trying to walk off Mrs Strettons infamous lunches which are also superb. They do make concentrating in the afternoon sessions difficult tho.

With the usual disclaimer about having no financial ties with Donington Deer Managment etc, I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to complete their DSC1 especially in the East Midlands area

Nice to find someone so genuinely enthused and knowledgeable about his subject and so happy to share and advise us newbies.