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Thread: I was cold last night!

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    I was cold last night!

    I had the pleasure of going out with the Devon Fox control team last night Aka Paddy and Paul. They came over to Bow and we had a look arround my friends and neighbouring farm. Slightly surreal to have a coffee with 2 other guys dressed in full cammo looked like a start of a covert reccy job. Fortunately my hostess for the weekend is used to such things. Any way it was very clear, cold and a bit too bright. Couldn't believe it as we walked down the drive I clocked a fox coming up the boundary hedge, unshootable due to th large hedge. Any way Paddy went on and we set up a caller but not surprisingly no joy, however we did have a fly-by by a barn owl.

    Paddy blanked on the back field and then we clocked 2 foxs at long range across the lane. We got into some shadey area but despite deploying all the tricks and calls it wasnt going to play ball. We retraced our route, very wet and frosty, hardly quiet with 3 of us squeltching though the mud. We (Paddy) relocated the other fox probably 500 yds out. Paddy and I acted as decoy as Paul went for a circular stalk. Surreal watching it all through the thermal. Anyway after what seemed an age, I spotted Paul right down the bottom of the field. I couldn't see the fox but then I heard a strike and saw something bolt through a hedge only to collapse.

    Turned out to be a dog fox probably the one we saw earlier. Anyway we then went back to base an spent 20 mins calling on the front fields to no avail.

    So we decided to call it a day.

    Had a great couple of hours and very informative to watch others doing fox control with different gear.

    Anyway hope to be out this eve might have a go with the Icotec 350 call I got at the shooting show. Need to buy some thermal wellies if we continue with this cold weather


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    Heated jacket and I don't wear wellies cos I find them cold.
    I feel the cold. Was a bit noisy underfoot last night.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    We had a good time, David - thank you! As for wellies - the thick neoprene ones are very good at keeping out the cold, however, they're even better when worn with NATO Arctic woollen socks and then Sealskinz Marino wool oversocks over the top!

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    Yes your footwear was a topic for late night conversation last night. Also the cat put in an appearance early this am so Hostess much happier, rather hairy drive to work this am water on ice on Devon lanes not for the feight hearted.


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