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Thread: Browning A bolt .308

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    Browning A bolt .308

    What are browning A bolt rifles like, ive looked at one in .308, would just like your reviews on the the rifle.

    Also what would you pay second hand for one, its not screw cut, comes with rings fitted.

    Thanks in advance

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    My knowledge of the Abolt is minimal, but what I have seen of them they look pretty good. There a few new rifles that will not shoot well enough for stalking.

    Second hand prices are more variable than a variable thing. Condition is everything. Take someone along who has something about himself when it comes to rifles to check it over for you. Or if you cant then take lotrs of pictures and post them on here And HAGGLE - its worth doing, even if you feel like your above it a saving of 50 is worth it, or even if he just throws some rounds in with it.

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    Friend of mine has a synthetic 243.Its light,handy good trigger,excellent ejector and factory threaded.Massive 3 lug bolt on it.

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