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Thread: the shooting show

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    the shooting show

    Was there any bargins worth having.

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    Yes, like usually, if you know where to ask

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    I saved a fortune not going

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    Not sure how folk expect great bargins when the traders have to pay big bucks for their space. Might be a "special show price" but that doesnt mean cheaper......

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    Off course we dont belp ourselves by browsing and taking up the traders time all day long then going home and buying the item 2p cheaper on the interne

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    Yes they do have to cover a big wedge for there spot, must be worth it I guess, quick turn over

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    Well i bought a 20g cartridge belt I was happy with, firebird targets and some glasses for clay shooting that I can get my perscription in so I enjoyed it !



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    First time I had been, loads to see, heavy work for the neck as needed to look both sides at once when walking. Same as any show some good prices and some not so good. Whether you buy or not a thoroughly enjoyable day out - planning to go again next year.

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    The trouble with all these shows is the costs to organisers and traders, mainly our or EU, health and safety. When will people learn what this cotton wool training certificate industry is costing all of us - a fortune. Un necessarily. Common sense to most of us. Vote OUT.

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    Missed this years show due to other commitments but a few guys from my rifle club went, plan to go next year.

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