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Thread: Any Species Stalking Trip

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    Any Species Stalking Trip

    Thinking of planning a stalking trip somewhere in the UK for sometime this year. Want to travel with my own rifle and ammunition from Northern Ireland. Travel distance isn't an issue however - I'll go anywhere. I would say though that the further I have to travel, the longer I'd want to stay in order to make it worth the effort (whilst perhaps also increasing my chances of a shot or two). Active stalking and/or high seats are equally fine. Species/sex of the quarry is unimportant. I'm happy to cull females if it ensures (as far as possible anyway) a good chance of multiple animals during the trip. Just looking for a little "holiday project" and something to look forward to.
    Would be grateful for any recommendations.
    Would also be grateful for any advice/guidance anyone has on ferry/airline travel with a firearm AND ammunition.
    Oh, I also like my creature comforts after a day in the field so decent lodgings would be a must.

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    pm solwaystalker colin on here ,bb roe/red/goats or boar, dumfries /galloway,,,,,ps haggle,

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    give john fenton in wicklow a shout,

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    IanF in Dorset would be worth investigating many deer species and boar plus lovely accommodation and fantastic food

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomstalker View Post
    Would also be grateful for any advice/guidance anyone has on ferry/airline travel with a firearm AND ammunition.
    Oh, I also like my creature comforts after a day in the field so decent lodgings would be a must.
    Travelling with your rifle and ammo is generally no problem - you can't take ammo on the fast ferries but I think Troon was the only one of those left and it is off now. In general you need to tell the ferry company in advance and they like you to turn up in plenty of time. They will take a look at the rifle serial number and check your FAC and that's the job done. They don't allow you to zero on the vehicle deck so to avoid any misunderstandings don't start putting up a target.

    Flying generally requires you to book the firearm as extra luggage and most airlines have a process for this. Most also now charge an arm and a leg for it. Each airline has their own "guidelines" for travelling with a firearm and ammo so find that info on the web site, read it, comply with it and print a copy to take to the airport with you in case you meet someone at check in who likes to make up their own, random, requirements. The truth is I've always had the process go very smoothly for me and I would fly Easyjet and FlyBE out of Belfast quite a lot. Generally they will take you to outsized baggage to put your luggage through there and most companies will want the ammo and rifle in different cases but read their specific requirements. Be warned that even if you "book your baggage through" if you change flights they might require you to pick up the baggage and sign to say it arrived etc. so check this when you put the luggage through.

    If you really are willing to travel and want something a bit special then take a look at the website for the cottage my girlfriend rents, she is almost full for this year so her house will probably not work for you, but there is some info on there on stalking and fishing in the Hebrides. It isn't for everyone but if you want a wild stalking experience and also the most fantastic fishing for trout, salmon and sea trout then there is nowhere better and if you are willing to stay for a while then the almost infinite sport available will keep you more busy than you can imagine. Also the fitter you can get the better, you will not drive up the hill in the argo, lean over the side, be handed a rifle, fire a shot, and drive back down again. Walked up grouse will require some actual walking and even some of the "big name" fishing can require a round trip walk of 8 - 10 miles so it really can be a fantastic experience.

    Dollag's Cottage at 7 South Shawbost
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    I can arrange and conduct a 5 night, 4 day stay for 4 species (Fallow, Roe, CWD and Muntjac) over two areas including all your accommodation pick up from airport retrun the whole hunt.

    Been outfitting and building hunts over 30 years now. Let me know if you are interested. This would be from November onwards. Scotland also for Reds and Sika, but 2016 is fully booked already. I own all the leases, so no subletting they are all controlled and owned by myself.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Scotland is obviously handy for a quick trip across on the ferry, but realistically you are most likely to just shoot Roe there.

    If you want to shoot the small species - and I love stalking muntjac - I'd head to southern or eastern England.

    Malcolm's offer above is certainly worth consideration.

    Flying with your rifle on Easyjet is very straightforward, but if I was going to make a week out of it, I would probably take the ferry and drive down. You can bring a lot more gear in the car - if you hit a wet week, you will be glad of a couple of changes of hunting clothes.

    The other thing I would suggest if you are going to southern England for Roe, Muntjac etc, I'd be sure and go outside the game shooting season. A lot of estates won't want stalkers in their pheasant coverts. I'd go mid February to late April.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi Claret Dabbler. You mention that you love muntjac stalking. It's a species that I've never tried. Is there anywhere you've been that you'd recommend? I only ask in case you'd something to recommend in addition to the above, whilst I'm investigating all of the other recommendations that have been given so far as part of this thread.
    By the way, thanks to everyone who's responded to my posting so far.

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    I had a few days over in Ireland with John Fenton , plenty of deer good accommodation. We travelled by ferry with Stenna line, you have to notify them that you have firearms you don't have to have your bullets separate , on arrival they know by your vehicle reg that you have firearms, we was pulled to one side where they opened the back of the truck and saw the guns was all locked up so no bother , we was put right at the front of the ferry so first on first off , very smooth well done stenna line

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