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Thread: Gun stock query

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    Gun stock query

    Hi folks
    I'm in Angus & have got hold of a AYA no2
    It's not bad at all & I plan to reblue barrels & get stock tarted up ,,, it has a few marks & couple small dents but nothing huge .
    It could go with getting chequering recut too I think

    So I've heard recut of chequering gets done after the stock is stripped & te finished ... I thought other way round ? Advise please?

    Also anybody recommend someone yo do woodwork in angus area or post able area ?


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    On an oil finish you cut the chequering after oiling, if your lacquering it (please don't) chequer it first mask off the lacquer.

    You can post to any RFD to get work done who offer rechequering, I like to repoint chequering it finishes the job and is the final titifation to make a gun look like new.

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    Andrew Coull with a workshop at Auchterhouse is probably the best gun-fitter & gunsmith around & must be fairly close to you. I'm sure he could do the work, especially if you had it fitted at the same time. This is definitely the time to carry out any bending & length adjustments.

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