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Thread: stinging nettles

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    stinging nettles

    I think my dog got stung on his belly the weekend out shooting with me, his belly is basicly bald, is there a cream or something I could put on to prevent this, I got stung myself by some small nettles crawling frew the hedge and they are still very hot, mine were still tingling 24hrs after, being stung on the belly wouldn't of been very nice for sure, a mate suggested putting sudo cream on after which I did.i tried some on mine too, it did help but a prevention would be better than a cure, thoughts please swaro
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    Stay out of them. Had the same problem when I had my Weimaraner, she eventually refused to go near nettles and picked her way round them. Probably a thin overcoat is your best answer for the dog if you regularly go through brush/ nettles.


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    My Cocker bitch suffers quite badly from nettle stings on her pads and on her belly when we're beating / picking up.

    I give her a 10mg piriton tablet an hour before we go out (having checked this with my vet & he approved) and at days end I wash her feet first then use witch hazel solution (from Boots, cheap as chips).

    These two together definitely help - but they do not eliminate the problem altogether.
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    is it not a bit early for nettles? sure arnt none here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywull View Post
    is it not a bit early for nettles? sure arnt none here!
    There could be thousands of the wee buggers growing away underneath all this snow......
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    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Dock leaves yet.

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    Hi, even when they have died back the very tip still stings, one drive we pick up on they are over a meter high brown stalk but still have a sting on the top. As said Dock leaf's always grow beside nettle's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywull View Post
    is it not a bit early for nettles? sure arnt none here!
    Not down South.
    It doesn`t get cold enough to kill all the undergrowth off down here.
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    My 10 month old BGS Heidi loves them, can't keep her out of them bloody things.

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