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Thread: Painful experience yesterday!

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    Painful experience yesterday!

    Here's you go guys, have a laugh on me, even though I wasn't laughing at the time!
    I was out yesterday with the shotgun after a few magpies and pigeons yesterday - No decoys, just a bit of walk about as it wasn't raining (For a change). Got a few shots in (Missed a couple but did manage to drop a few including a left and right). I eventually came to a fence that I had to cross. Unloaded the shotgun and rested it up against the fence.
    This fence isn't very old, a sheep wire fence with one single strand straining wire on the top. I put one foot half way up the sheep wire with one hand on the fence post and then swung my other leg over. Just as I swung my leg over the strand that I had my foot on snapped! I went down with all 13 stone of me on the with fence one leg either side of the straining wire. The straining wire caught me square on right between the crown jewels!
    Now I've felt many different types of pain before but nothing like this, I thought I had castrated myself! When I eventually managed to get myself off the fence all I could do was to squat down for about 5 minutes and to allow the pain to subside and the tears in my eyes clear.
    Walking back to the car (Only about half a mile) was a painful experience I can tell you.
    When I got home I told the wife and she laughed till there were tears in her eyes - She does like to get a restful nights sleep, and I'm sure she does like to see me suffer!
    I have just had a shower this morning and noticed that the crown jewels are a rather strange shade of black and blue but not too sore so hopefully no long term damage done.
    All I can say is thank God to wasn't barbed wire on top of that fence!

    And before anyone asks - NO - Definitely no photos available!

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    Oh dear........ ha ha ha ha . You gave me a good laugh but also I feel great sympathy. Hope you are back to 'normal performance' soon Cheers Jerry

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    could have been much worse ,

    could have been me!!!!
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Jesus H, sounds bad, just watch for swelling in case you have twisted a bo****k.

    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    She didn't offer to kiss them better then!!!!!!


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    FrenchieBoy, I have limited mobility in my left leg so have quite a lot of experience of what you went through yesterday.
    I now stalk (creep) mostly on my own now because I am fed up 'entertaining' others with my geriatric antics.
    I am of an age where I still treasure my jewels but they aren't quite as important now as they used to be

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    "Have a laugh on me". OUCH! I have great sympathy with you and it didn't even raise (much of a) smile. Hope things are settling down nicely.

    Fences can be dangerous! I remember walking across fields one time in Wexford with my brother whilst young. We came upon an electric fence, something at the time I hadn't experienced. I grabbed it and a good thump went up my arm. I thought my brother had punched me, so I turned around and laid him flat with a reply. Cue total confusion by both of us until we realised.

    If it's a well trodden route where this happened, could be a case made for siting a rudimentary stile.

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    Hi, No hope all is swell 0ps well. It happend to me but as above the straining wire was electric, leg either side family jewels battering of wire, still brings a tear thinking about it. Hope all is ok.

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    Get swell i mean well soon Pete,having seen my own black n bruised jewels after a blow out on my bike allowed my to hit the handlebars at 70 mph i totally sympathise .Just remember the colour will return to normal but you cant keep the swelling
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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