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Thread: Deer skinning on you tube

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    Deer skinning on you tube

    Hi All,
    Wadas told me about this you tube video and I thought, we could do with this on the site! There are five videos in all. Enjoy!

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    What you on about 300wsm? He cut the legs in the proper places. The exact place i was taught to cut them by a very good Head ranger friend of mine.

    I shall definately be using the technique of doing it on one of those stands in the future instead of hanging from the rafters in my shed.


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    Well I just used his skinning method on a muntjac doe and it was very easy!

    Ever heard the expression 'Theres more than one way to skin a cat?'

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    Sikamalc uses the same sort of tressle when he is in Scotland, very good piece of kit I'll make one I think.

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    just nick one from the pub mate looks like a bar stool to me

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    Each to there own, I cut the front legs up for currying or stir frys anyway.

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    I would look at the vid again, as he got them on the flats, notice how he just cut round the skin below the hock and then just a little jar on the joint and it came away no problem. When you get that back leg wrong, as in(too close to the tendans) you know about it, as this can knacker your chances of being able to hang it as you can get too close to the tendans and have very little to hang it with.


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