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Thread: Browning A bolt .308

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    Browning A bolt .308

    What are browning A bolt rifles like, ive looked at one in .308, would just like your reviews on the the rifle.

    Also what would you pay second hand for one, its not screw cut, comes with rings fitted.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi G,
    Do not know about .308, but I have had an A Bolt in .243 from new, about 10 years and whatever I see on SD about other rifles I cannot imagine
    getting better results than I have had from the Browning. EVERY deer I have shot at has fallen down, with longest run 30 yards. I removed the varnish from the walnut
    and oil finished the stock and have a splendid gun which is a pleasure to use, nice to look at. Easy trigger pull adjustment too !

    Could not wish for more !!


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    I have the a bolt in .22/250 and .30-06 and have no complaints at all. The guns are certainly accurate and have not failed me yet. One thing to watch for is that the barrel remains free floating though as I have had to sand a small amount of stock off both my guns to keep them free. They were fine until I fitted a bipod too them and then tightening it on twisted the fore end slightly.

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    My mate has a A-bolt Composite Stalker in 308 - good rifle and accurate with Sako 150 gn SP's.

    Don't know how much one would be second hand but you should be able to buy a new one for 510 or so but they don't normally come pre-threaded for a moderator so that would be extra.

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    Thanks guys, the one ive looked at is the wood, its advertised at 325 i can have it screwcut for an extra 35. Are they heavy barrelled? The one i look at was nice and light, and looked like it hadnt done alot of work, i think the only reason it was in the shop was the bloke who had it, had to get rid because his fac was up for renewal, no ammo had been bought for the last 5 years.

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    They are heavy barrelled if they are varmint, a nice light gun if not. (be careful though apparently they blow up if you block the barrel please see an earlier thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldypurple View Post
    i can have it screwcut for an extra 35. .
    Sounds ok Andy but 35 quid for screw cutting sounds too cheap!
    I suspect that will be without getting it proof stamped. That means you could still keep and use it, but you would have to get it stamped to sell it again in the future! However, if it includes the proof, that's a good deal. It takes time though ( at least a month normally) as it has to be sent off to London or Birmingham.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    That means you could still keep and use it, but you would have to get it stamped to sell it again in the future! However, if it includes the proof, that's a good deal. It takes time though ( at least a month normally) as it has to be sent off to London or Birmingham.
    Sorry MS but you are incorrect; it has been discussed on here before, threading the barrel does not alter the structural integrity of the barrel hence you do not need to have it re-proofed. Any RFD you tells you other wise is saying it just to cover his a**se.

    I have an A-Bolt, mine is the Titanium model, they are made in Japan by Miroku you will not find many having a bad word about there shotguns. I like the shotgun tang safety, the mag’ set up and the 3 lug bolt, down side is the trigger need a little work, a kit is available from the US it was $25 so not worries there. Accuracy wise they are no issues, mine shoots 5/8” from a light sporting barrel.

    Price seems reasonable.



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    Now you've opened a big can of worms Thar!
    The Birmingham proof house website states:
    Arms previously proved and bearing apparently valid proof marks are deemed unproved if the barrels have been enlarged in the bore beyond certain defined limits or if the barrel or action has been materially weakend in other respects.
    They would no doubt argue that reducing metal thickness will weaken the material, which it clearly does.
    However, the wording can be interpreted in different ways which has created this 'grey area'.
    Peter Jackson has documented some very interesting 'opinions here which is worth a read:
    I think that this will remain a grey area until someone actually challenges it officially through the courts.
    I am personally happy to use a rifle which I have had cut but not proofed as I am happy that it was done properly and the material not 'unduly' weakened. However, I would not be happy selling it until it was proofed. I wouldn't expect to but one like it either, as not everyone who carries out this type of service knows what they are doing!
    But that's just my opinion.
    If yours is different, and you are happy to take your chances in court then that is up to you.

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    Hi Goldypurple, A friend and myself did a review for GUNS REVIEW when the A bolt first came into the U K, We had the gun for a couple of weeks and had it out in all weather, it was flawless and shot very well with federal ammo, i recall it had a hinged floor plate with a detachable magazine, it is one of the guns that i remember as it was a pleasing, capable, acurate and practicle rifle.

    Dry Powder.


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