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    G'day all at stalking directory from australia. I am a 36 year old Aussie looking at relocating with the family to the uk after 10 years. Found this site full of great info.
    Would anyone know if holding a gun licence from another country (australia) makes things easier.
    Got hooked on hunting Roe in the rut with my Czech father inlaw. Only have access to hunt Red deer here in Oz. Great to see sites like this can give fellow hunters a helping hand.

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    G'Day to you too
    First, welcome and enjoy your time on SD.
    I am pretty sure that you cannot hold firearms in the UK (unless as a temporary short term visiting hunter) without applying for and the grant of a Firearms Certificate (FAC).
    Therefore if you are relocating (as in for a significant or longer period) you will need to apply for the appropriate FAC from the Police Service area for your proposed future residence in the UK.
    I would suggest you join a Shooting/Hunting Organisation - which also provides insurance cover - (with elelctrickery) this is possible from your side, who can then advise you in more detail - and assist if required through the FAC process. They can also advise the process if you are bringing any guns/firearms over with you.
    Also, you may or not be aware there is no 'public land' to hunt on which means that in the application process you will need to demonstrate a 'need' and the 'opportunity' (land where you have authority/permission) to stalk deer. T
    I am sure additional information/advice will be along shortly.

    PS Gun Licences here generally mean (Shot)guns.

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    As pointed out bu Loki you will need to apply to your local police for a firearms certificate and shotgun cert once you have moved over here, before you apply book some paid stalking with some of the guys on here, this will give you the reason to have guns, untill you find some ground to shoot on ( not easy but can be done) or join a syndicate again you will see some adds on here offering syndicate places, if you want to bring guns with you contact the police in the area you plan to move to and ask their advice about importing them, but they will definately have to go to a registered firearms dealer for storage untill you get your FAC issued

    PS Welcome to the forum


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    Hi quelcho wellcome you will also in the uk need two referees for firearms,,,,only one in the case of shotguns,,,,,that can vouch for your character that have known you for at least the last two years,,try pm ,ing bearstalker hes just come over from germany to scotland so he might have a couple of pointers as well,,,atb doug,

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    Thanks guys , every country has different terms and meanings of words regarding licences. Have looked into basc seems very similar to SSAA ( sporting shooters association australia ) which I am a member of.
    good hunting to all !!!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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