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Thread: Perfect foxing conditions last night

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    Perfect foxing conditions last night

    Well cannot believe the difference in 24 hrs, last night overcast stiff breeze and little moon. Went out 8.30 pm no custom kit as DP is poorly so had to take my .204. First point of call was local chicken farm, pulled up hoped out quick scan and bingo fox in field at 100yds, so i had to clamber up on the back of the motor, mate lamped it and it started to trott off, quick shout and off went the round, now I didn't hear the strike,(it was in some maize stubble) but saw it go right. We had a quick search down the field and found a dead big dog fox about 20 yds further down the field, bullet placement was a tad rear. Off to our next farm proved to be a blank then whilst going down a lane I thought I saw a muntie, turned out to be a charlie, much easier shot off the bonnet while parked in a big gateway, another big dog fox. On the way back home we had to stop to chat with one of our landowners who was on his regular nightly dor run when we carried on couldn't believe it there was fox in the field almost behind him, we went down the lane came back up and it had gone!!

    Then we clocked it on the top end of the field, it was acting v strange looked like it was playing with something, despite trying everything it wouldn't come in and was skylined so ended up being left.

    So well pleased 2x2 for my new .204. and shot off the lamp.


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    Well done, David - we tramped for bleddy miles last night without seeing or hearing a thing. I then left Paul to check one last field while I went back to the farmyard to get the truck - I'd only gone a few yards before I heard a shot followed by a thump - he'd whacked a large dog fox about 100 yards out. We were expecting to see quite a lot as most of the ground we've not been on before. I suspect that the majority of the local foxes have gone off to neighbouring farms where there's lambing underway.

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