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Thread: Swarovski Z6

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    Swarovski Z6

    Hi Guys I am after another z6/z6i to go on my new 222 when I get it, I would prefer a 2.5-15 or 3-18 to match my present ones but I would consider other variants. Is there anything for sale?

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    Im am just about to change the Z6i from my Blaser as it going over to Estate Rifle & I dont want a scope this good left on it!

    Z6i, Gen 1, in great condition & working order, shes 2.5x12x50mm, boxed with all uk papers, optically perfect with just a couple of small paint chips on front objective which would probably just touch in to be honest, also has the front Swarvo flip up cover.

    Asking 1000 delivered to UK mainland, I can flip pics if you are intrested.

    Regs Lee

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    I have a z6i Gen1 3-18x50 SR (Swarovski Rail) for sale 1100 includes Swarovski objective lanes cover and Postage.

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