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Thread: Customised Sako .243AI

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    Customised Sako .243AI

    Sako 75 Stainless .243AI (No Neck Turn) So you can shoot standard factory .243 ammo
    24" Border Cut Rifled Varmint Barrel (fitted by Dolphin Guns)
    Threaded 18x1 With Invisible Thread Protector
    1-9" Twist
    Fitted in McMillan Sako Varmint Stock
    Rings and Bases
    Redding Competition Dies
    ASE Compact MOD .25Cal Threaded 18x1

    Scope and Bipod NOT INCLUDED

    Its has Shot 100 Fireforming loads and 104 Factory Loads. I'm currently using Factory ammo. Only used for long range Bunnies and Foxes. No Range work. Shoots absolutely Superb with Factory Norma 75gr BT.


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    Bump for an an Absolute awesome foxing/deer rifle or even as a range rifle...

    only selling as I have a new project waiting for this to go!

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    Sensible Offers considered....

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    Your right it is a fantastic rifle... I cant believe it hasn't gone!

    I have only shot 100 fireforming loads and 104 factory ammo! the barrel was run in properly and is certainly a real shooter.

    Ive now included the moderator!

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    Price Dropped to 1500

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    Lovely looking gun!! Where did you get the bolt from? I've been looking for one like that for my A7.


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    Rifle on its own 1000

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    Have a bump on me. I bought a Sako 75 .243 from a friend just over a month ago so I cannot afford it, but it is exactly as I would like mine to be. This deserves some interest. Lets hope i win the lottery before someone else snaps this up ;-)

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