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Thread: What do you carry in your stalking bag?

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    What do you carry in your stalking bag?

    Here's an interesting question and talking point for the more experienced stalkers amongst you:
    I have just bought a new rucksack to carry my stalking gear in so everything is "at hand when I need it". Up till now I have been having to put all my gear into my game bag before I go stalking and then take it all back out again when I get back! The idea is that whenever I want to go stalking all I should need to do is to get my rifle, moderator and ammunition out and be able to pick up my rucksack and know I have everything I ought to need for a "woodland stalk".
    As well as the usual knives, gloves, binoculars, etc; what other "essential kit" do you feel should be carried in a stalking bag without it being over heavy or too bulky?

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    I have a fishing carryall which is my Shooting bag. In here I carry all my often used kit for shooting, be it game, deer, or wildfowl etc. I got so fed up with a different bag for each type of shooting, now I simply grab this and off I go. I then leave it in the truck and just take out what I need.

    It has a pocket for knives, drag straps etc, a pocket for calls, a pocket for gloves and wipes, antisceptic spray,and dog 1st aid, a front pcket for gloves, hats and necks, and the main pocket has a couple of pocket guides, bipod, binos, ammo, bolt, etc, etc

    When I'm staking I HATE a rucksack so opt for pockets,and travel as light as I can without being under gunned. Binos around neck, a pocket with knife gloves, bag for offal and a few wipes, a pocket with phone. Rifle slung on my back and hands free for sticks.

    Works for me.

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    I don't have a stalking bag as such just my jacket pockets , but generally acouple of knives ( mora or opinel no 6 ) a couple of s hooks , spare full magazine , short length of rope , little bottle of hand sanatizer , and some binos , mobile phone and that's it a lot of people may carry more but I've found that works for me
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    All I carry in mine is two florescent dog collars with flashing lights and bells on them, just in case!!! Wf1

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    I take along; hand wash gel, torch, length of cord, ziplock bags, small cable ties, kitchen paper roll, long pvc gloves, saw for sternum, knives of course, couple of HD bin bags (for feet etc and pluck possibly), pen and notebook.

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    A small first aid kit, wipes in a re-sealable plastic bag (sandwich type). Whistle to summon help. If large woodland, a compass. Folding gambrel and length of paracord. If going out before dawn or at last light, a head-light. Mobile phone in your pocket.
    If larger species, a small set of pulleys in the bag.

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    First aid kitSurvival bag
    Small sharpenerr
    Disposal latex gloves
    Lenght of rope
    Insulating tape (to cover moderator)
    Bore snake

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    Couple of mora knives, bladetech sharpener, small packet of wipes, big sandwich bag for offal, small sandwich bag for gloves, whistle and med kit, tick card, small torch, tiny head torch for gralloch in the dark, spare rounds in a pouch. Roe sack if it's small deer, plus a couple of giant plastic bags in super heavyweight plastic (get a couple of roe in one, they're super tough and fold small, tie the end and you get no blood in your roe sack or vehicle).

    Plus a bogroll if it was that kind of night beforehand.

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    As i only have roe ground i carry a knife and a folded up ikea bag in my pockets. Binos round my neck, sticks in hand and rifle on shoulder. Job done. Anything else on my person I find just gets in the road and is unnecessary.

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