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Thread: Watch and discuss...

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    Watch and discuss...

    As its says above...

    KevinF -

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    "Accidental" dogs off lead or not, it makes me feel sick!

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    What is there to discuss Kevin? Sadly we all know this goes on; now that its illegal it just makes it more exciting for those involved. The supporters will just say that it was taken before hunting was banned and that it is a 'pure' form of chase; the opponents will see them as pikey scum (sorry, not allowed to call them pikeys any more under the race relations act, now they have to be called Caravan Using Nomadic Travellers (It is acceptable to abbreviate this)). I have reported videos and still photos like this to the police before but they are not interested even when the faces and locations are clearly recognisable. I heard of a speeding motocyclist getting prosecuted on the basis of a video he took of his own speedo showing about 160mph on a public road. Afraid that rural crime just simply isn't sexy enough for todays justice system, doesn't tick the right boxes. JC
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    It goes to show how they still get away with broadcasting illegal activities on the internet.

    I wonder if it was someone's dog chasing children or someone making drugs would it stay posted on the net???

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    **** dog should have had the deer a lot earlier glad to see it get away though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottC View Post
    It goes to show how they still get away with broadcasting illegal activities on the internet.

    I wonder if it was someone's dog chasing children or someone making drugs would it stay posted on the net???
    Thats the same argument that I used.

    There are even poaching/wildlife crime websites thinly disguised with references to 'Countrymen' etc. Jacks Shed is one where they frequently used to show photos of deer poaching and bow hunting and make references to badger digging etc, I think they are a bit more careful now or, more likely, it has gone deeper underground if you'll pardon the pun.

    Shame we live in a country where crimes are prioritised in order of easiest to solve and therefore make the monthly returns look a little better.

    I forget the exact figures but a Policeman friend of mine once told me that in a high proportion of unlawful killings (outside of metropolitan areas) the killer either takes thier own life, waits at the scene for the Police or hands themself in the next day, yet the conviction rate is still very low, basically if they try to get away with it (and don't have previous DNA records on file) then they are unlikely to be convicted.

    What chance does rural crime have?!


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    Makes my blood boil at the sight of these vids, ive seen two roe does in the last two months which have been killed by pikeys with dogs. No respect for the deer, especially as they would have been heavy with young. Whats annoying is that we cant do anything about it. Police dont care, they wont stand up for you if you use force to stop these people and if you use force without the rozzers knowing, then the pikeys are likely to come back and kill your dog, burn your vehicle or worse. How do you stop people doing it? Short answer is you cant. I mean if you cant stop someone if they break into your own house, how are you going to stop someone slipping a dog on your permission.

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    The dog would of needed a bit of lead or a fast bullet at that speed!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Unlikely that a speed freak biker would react with illegal firearms, or other fear inducing tactics to avoid arrest, whereas your pikey, or as we are now using a better term mentioned above, could be expected to do the aforementioned, what do you expect as a reaction from plod?
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    if you read the comments left by people that have watched the video you will be even more pissed off.

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