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Thread: which ruger 10/22 modifications?

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    which ruger 10/22 modifications?

    I have seen ruger 10/22 modifications available and just wondered what others experiences of these were and whether they actually made much of a difference.
    Also which part can't be changed? I mean what part holds the serial number and cannot be changed without permission?

    I have an original ruger 10/22 and would consider a new stock/barrel/ receiver/ trigger if they are worth it?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Question should be what upgrades should I carry out to achieve a certain aim. What do you want to use the rifle for. The trouble with the Ruger is that it can be completely modified, so it becomes a bit like the original broom I have had for 10 years now. It has only had 5 heads and 3 handles. On the other hand it is good fun doing it, as all the mods are very easy to carry out.

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    I own 3 and all have different purposes.

    Common across them all though:-

    1. Remove the barrel band
    2. Replace or adapt to have an Auto Bolt Release (ABR)
    3. Upgrade the trigger internals with an aftermarket kit or hone your own.

    Those items transform the gun.

    The barrel is good, the mechanism is bullet proof. One of my guns has shot tens of thousands of rounds.
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    Replacing the factory recoil/mainspring guide rod with an after market polished item with matching spring is the single best modification you can carry out, the recoil spring binding on the rough machined factory guide rod is the cause of probably 90% of all feeding issues with a 10-22


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    Replace the trigger mechanism with a good commercial unit.
    The receiver is the only place where a Ruger 10/22 is serial numbered.~Muir

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    Replace the steel bolt stop/buffer pin with a Derin/Nylon one.

    If you are shooting subs through a moderator the 'clang' of the bolt hitting the pin can be the loudest thing heard. Fit a replacement and it quietens things down.

    Other than that trigger replacement or work on the existing doesn't go amiss.

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    do you have one or thinking about it

    If not then you would be best thinking what you want to build it for and how much your happy to spend
    ie if you buy a std Donor gun and want a high end build you will pretty much chuck every thing away and replace with relatively expensive parts This can make the receiver (the serial Numbered part) quite expensive so you might be better off buying an after market custom Receiver for example from Rimfire Magic who make their own and specing up the parts you want from them etc (also see Rude Fat dog for KIDD parts etc)

    if you just want a tinker and slash a few on it for a bit of a project an Old cheap second hand gun can be great to play with and still end up with a good shooter (See you tube for lots of 10/22 modding )
    losts can be done to improve what you have ie you can fettle the trigger and smooth out the Bolt etc with hand tools if it all goes wrong you just buy the Upgrade parts

    Barrel change can make a big difference but can be expensive as long as you hand over the old one to he RFD as he hands you the new one no paperwork is needed FAC wise .. Taking the barrel band of a std Gun helps a lot you could get it recrowned etc you may pick up a heavy barrel versin thats fine a lot fit a Green mountain Barrel as a mid price range or you can sell a Kidney for a Volquartson or KIDD barrel

    there is also hundreds of after market stock about in any style you care for and lots of second hand ones

    I picked up this old (1994) lady at my local RFD for 140 as it had been raced Hard Im guessing Mini rifle it had already had a lot of the Slicking and fettling done and the std barrel chopped to 12" just needed a Good clean

    changed the stock and a new barrel a Volquartson 12.5" carbon fibre wrap added a Moderator runs great on Subsonics as a lightweight hunter
    seems to have settled on CCI Subsonic Hollow points

    next i think a strip down and repainting the receiver and trigger unit its a bit battered

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    replace the ruger wit a cz 452
    .22lr, .22lr .222, .223, .243, .270, .308 , 12g fac, 12g, 12g, 12g, 12g
    and still growing.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by exmarksman9870 View Post
    replace the ruger wit a cz 452

    I do own a Ruger 10/22 of 1982 vintage and although it does go rabbiting sometimes, I mainly use if for informal outdoor target work so haven't felt the need to alter it bar for switching to full strength ammo to overcome the odd sticky extraction with subs (Thanks Muir )
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    Ok it sounds like I should get a new trigger. Where would you recommend getting one from? and how much are they?
    thanks for the info chaps

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