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Thread: Mrs Stratts got all moody!

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    Mrs Stratts got all moody!

    Mrs Stratts was not overly impressed with my lad Josh's new addition to his bedroom while she was out earlier!! Nowt to do with me, apart from being the one to shoot it and put it up on the wall. He stained the plaque and helped me to mount it bless him and wants to start collecting skulls!


    Just 0.8 of a point from being gold!!

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    I think it's a nice touch. Now, help him get one of his own!

    By 16 my son had a deer hide, bear rug, turkey fan, bear skull, and whitetail antlers in his "cave".

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    Women get like that,just promise her she can have the next one you might even be a GOLD!!

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    Nice munty mty , I feel your pain my old lady made me remove a roe mount I had done due to its eyes following her around the room ? so its down in the cabin with the rest, funny she did't mine eating it though

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    I put a nice munti skull mount up in my man cave, wife said that'll look nice on the stair case wall. Thought she just put up with the red as it was a wedding present.

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    Lucky boys. I've got a garage full! Even the gold medals.

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    +well done got the proper medal too mate

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    Just tell her you put it up in your 1/2 of the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cootmeurer View Post
    I think it's a nice touch. Now, help him get one of his own!

    By 16 my son had a deer hide, bear rug, turkey fan, bear skull, and whitetail antlers in his "cave".
    I seem to remember having a bear rug in my bedroom at the age of 16.....can't remember her name......
    I also had the remains of some dead stuff! Mainly Jay wings for my neighbour to use to tie flies.

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    Believe me that’s nothing wait till she comes in and finds him humping his girlfriend
    And the week after his girlfriends mate.

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