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Thread: Bullet deviation accidental 2 for 1

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    Bullet deviation accidental 2 for 1

    Had a first tonight and only goes to show you can never be 100% where a shot will go. Took to a high seat in the bottom of the valley where I shoot as I had seen a lot moving last light in that area over the last month. Sat the dog under the seat and got set up for the run into last light. Nothing much happening wind picking up and rain trying its best I was just thinking give it 5 mins more got to be back as the wife's going out and if I do shoot something need to leave time to drag the beast out by hand. All of a sudden 1,2 then 20 come out of the wood into a large group 70yards away. Set myself up and all were herded together. Dog stayed rock steady and quiet and I waited for the herd to settle and waited for a beast to separate from the herd to present a safe shot. After what seemed like an eternity a young doe came 5 yards clear of the herd clear backstop nothing behind her. Head down feeding bang dropped to shot. At this point the herd bolted all but one she pronged once then casually started a gentle walk and just stood quartering away. I had chambered as you do incase a second shot was required but was now firmly zeroed on this second beast, something wasn't right she was almost drunk/unstable. At this point I thought action needed, looks like the wife's going to be late and put a quartering shot in behind the shoulder. 30 yards bolt down dead. Sent the dog off and proceeded to follow on. First Deer Young Doe clean head shot down, moved on to find the dog and second doe and exactly where I'd seen her drop nice quartering shot to kill her, but also a fresh shot through her jaw. My only conclusion was the bullet from the first beast had exited at such an angle as to deviate 90 degrees almost and strike the second beast in the jaw. Glad I went with gut instinct of something not right and taking 2nd shot. Not so glad about the next 2 hours of dragging beasts up the hills in the peeing rain. Even less impressed was the wife, only half hour late.

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    Well done, good call.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done for following your gut! This just goes to show, no matter how careful you are with a backstop you have no control over where the bullet goes after we've hit what we were aiming at! A sobering thought.
    What calibre were you using? (I'm not after a calibre debate just interested).

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    .270 140grain

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    Had a friend have similar happen to him, put the wind up him for a while.

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