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Thread: Not Another Scope Thread (Wellies)

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    Not Another Scope Thread (Wellies)

    As I tend to, before shelling out on stuff, I like to come on here and see what people's opinions are. This time I'm after a pair of wellies. I generally have two pairs on the go, a posh pair and an everyday pair. The posh ones aren't worn so much and rarely need replaced. But the others do now.

    For years I've bought Muck Boots "Tay". I need them to have a bit of ankle support, good deep treads for mucky places and slippery muddy fields and to be fairly warm and these have fit the bill, although the top bit that doesn't have rubber on can be a bit susceptible to being cut. They do last well, they get a good lot of use and generally last around a year with me. But I just wonder if there's something a bit better out there, or do I go for another the same (although I think they call them something different now).

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    I had a look at a pair of Higgs Of Fife Neoprene Lined wellies - they have a really good looking sole on them and not to expensive at 75. I have a pair of Toggies, that Mrs Heym seems to have taken over. They are comfortable, but the sole rubber is quite hard and they don't have a lot of grip on wet slippery mud.

    Hoggs of Fife Field Sport Neoprene-Lined Wellington | ArdMoor

    I think I might by a pair, but welcome any comments.

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    Cheers guys, I'll have a look at them. ��

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