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Thread: h.s precission mags

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    h.s precission mags

    hi has anyone got a h.s precission 3 shot mag, for their first detachable floor plate magazine conversion kit, or swap for a brand new 10 shot one, not the gen11 the first model or tell me where I can buy one cheers dave.

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    What calibre?

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    hi ljt 308/243 s action remmy 700 my tel is 07828 604262 thxs dave.

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    How do you tell if it's generation 1 or 2? I have a HS Precision mag that I would consider swapping but its 4 shot not 3 shot?

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    hi blitking your mag is the one im after and your right its a 4 shot I have emailed you about it my h,s mag is brand new never been used so if you would like to swap great my number is07828 604262 regards dave.

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    hi blitzking did you get my reply?

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    thxs ltj mag spot on thxs cheers dave.

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    hi guys im still after a 3 shot h.s precision mag for a remmy 700 short action to buy cheers dave.

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