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Thread: My first Boar in Sweden

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    My first Boar in Sweden

    I have been working in Sweden for the last 3 weeks on an hunting estate called Tuvekärr which has Boar, Moose, Fallow, Roe, Red, Pheasants and Grey Partridge. We had been planting crops in the fields for the pheasant and partridge shoot and as there is so many boar on the estate the fields had to be protected from them. So we were sitting out in highseats every evening waiting for boar. One night i was out with the underkeeper and I saw a group of boar 600yards away at the other end of the field, so we decided to stalk them. We got 60 yards up to them and it was a sow with 5 young so he shot a 1+ year old boar.
    There is a lot of boar on the estate and at night when were checking the feeding stations there can be up to 20 - 30 pigs underneath. On the last week of work the gamekeeper said I can shot a boar but first I had to do a shooting test on a target of a boar at 100yards and I aced it! grouping was 1/2inch in the heart. I had been out with the underkeeper a few times trying to get me a boar but no luck. 2 days before i was going to leave we went out and we stalked through a forest into a open field and there were at least 8-10 boar out, there was a young boar to the far left and he told me to shoot. I shot and the boar turned and ran into the forest. We walked to where it was shot and there was blood we decided not to go into the forest without a dog so we went back to go and get one. We put the dog on the tracking lead and started tracking the boar. It became too thick in the forest so he took the dog off the lead and 30 seconds later he was barking his head off and he was about 100 yards in front of us. We finally got to him and there he was with my boar! A 1 year old male boar weighing about 35-40 kilo. It was a very hard walk back dragging this boar through the dense forest but it was worth it! It was one of the best hunting experiences I have ever had! And I am definitely going back!

    My first boar

    Boar damage

    Eros the dog that found my boar
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    Crackin' writeup, bet you were buzzing when trailing with the dog, just noticed the strange floor colouration for a larder, if indeed that is the larder?, Steve.
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    Yeah its just the pattern of the floor but they do keep it very clean

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    Well done brent bet you are made up .Was up your house on saterday to see if you fancyed a stalk on our ground we had a few trout while we was up will see you in three week im bringing a hob for your dad .Did you get the skin back mate...Neil

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    Sounds like a great stalk!
    Waht did you shoot it with??

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    big lad - my dad said you had been round doing abit of fishing. haha yeah its in my freezer

    Simon1067 - it was 6.5 x 55 SE with sako 156g
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    Hi brent are you going to cure it yourself and did you leave the mask on it..did it have any hooks .. Neil

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    i might try and do it myself or get someone to do it for me. hooks?? do you mean tusks? if you do it didnt because its only a yearling, they get them when there over 2 years old.

    Thanks vermintor69


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    Nice one Brent. There's a lot of game round that area with some cracking red and fallow.
    You came home a bit to early as the Swedish game Fair is on this weekend at Tullgarn about an hour from where you were. That looks like a Laika in the kennel.

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