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Thread: Syndicate South Somerset

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    Syndicate South Somerset

    I'm after a syndicate place in the South Somerset Yeovil area or not too far away. or any other available land permission?
    Many Thanks in advance

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    Me too ;-)
    I know the area very well as I came originally from Yeovil/East Coker.
    Had shooting around there before it was called stalking, in my day it was just shooting the Bl++y Deer.
    Oh by the way, welcome to the site but a few more posts about what you get up to and maybe even a picture or two may get a few introductions from other site users and help you with your quest.
    Who you have stalked with so far, did you have any luck with your FC application and if so, what did you get ?
    You are certainly in a good area for Deer but I think you will find it is all accounted for. Your best bet is to get to know someone in your area that already has stalking and maybe you will be able to get some stalking that way.
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    Keep an eye on the Stalking Available forum as syndicates do occasionally come up there.

    Just a small piece of advice if I may though - The forum gets a lot of people join up and then start asking for syndicate places within the first half dozen posts, and its not always best received shall we say!

    Better to do some paid stalks, of which there are many regularly available, get to know people and build relationships here and then you might find you get invited to join a syndicate by someone you've gotten to know.

    Good luck with your search!

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