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    Bi pid

    Hi guys I'm looking for a tilt and swivel bi pod. I had seen a post on here a while back about some on ebay. I don't want to pay silly money as most of my shooting is from a high seat.
    Any ideas?
    Regards Dan

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    Atlas copies are OK, but you need to be careful to get one that does all functions - one I ordered didn't. I have an OEM VersaPod going with two adapters to make it easy on and off - drop me a PM if that might be of interest
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    I recently got a neo pod which is great I can clip it on and off in a second, really light and as slimline as they come doesn't effect the balance or shootablity of the rifle at all only down side is they are pretty expensive, maybe a little to expensive if most of your shooting is from a highseat, I have tried the cheap one before and honestly you get what you pay for, even the Deben ones at 50-60 are rubbish didn't even last a season. if you aren't wanting to spend to much but want something to last go for a harris you really cant go wrong does what it says on the tin.

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    Totally agree i have 2 cheapo copies rotting in my loft ,1 fell apart the other 1 is as rusty as a Leyland car and no it hasnt been put away wet .Just carp quality .
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    The el cheapo harris copy, at least the one I have lost screws/nuts within a few days. After putting all back together with permanent Loctite it gave me many years of good service it gets used most of all my bipods. One Harris I had broke in half at the first shot, it was replaced and the replacement works well. Also since several years.
    Overall it is worth it to get the original Harris, they are of better quality.

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    My brother got a sniper systems against my advice. It was a long one and would touch the moderator when closed. It was rattley and was very hard to deploy quickly. He has since bought a Harris, and is delighted with it.

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    Neopod, if you can stomach the price very impressive.
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