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Thread: 30.06 Rifle

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    30.06 Rifle

    Due to the recent purchase of a 7mm -08. I have for sale the following Rifle In 30.06. I wont describe this weapon as beloved because its a rifle !! but it is a very nice piece of kit in excellent condition. I just have too many calibres.

    Remington 700 Stainless Action
    Fully Bedded in Remington Grade C Walnut Stock with Pillars
    Dan Shilen Trigger
    Badger Bolt Knob
    Threaded 28 x 1
    EGW Picatinny Rail
    Lightweight Moderator Available

    Bedding and other work carried out by Dave Wylde of Valkyrie Rifles. Also have a L/A Black Hogue Pillar Only Stock.

    Rifle normally used with 165gn SST or 150gn Soft points. Excellent accuracy.

    Total Round count will be in the region of 300 ( Out a couple of times a year)

    Also have loading gear, brass, rounds etc. that can be sold with the rifle or separate once rifle gone.

    Rifle cost in Region of 1200.00

    Rifle with Rail. 650.00
    Mod 100.00

    If anybody is interested a PM will get some photos.

    I travel North to Invergordon area on a regular basis. Could meet at reasonable travel distances .Could do RFD to RFD at cost.

    Cheers Redneck

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