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Thread: Deer Stalking Syndicate

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    Deer Stalking Syndicate

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a deer stalking syndicate to join, I am based in Stockport but am happy to travel for the stalking as far as the borders and down to Shropshire area, I have a .270 for deer, I don't have dsc and don't really want to do it, so I am looking for somewhere that doesn't require it. I've done several successful stalks with providers off here but am now looking for somewhere to go on my own. If you have anything available at a reasonable cost please pm me.

    Tks in advance Scoby

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    Syndicates come up in the borders on here periodically. You might find some adverts for ones advertised recently if you search thru the relevant section....

    ps, competition for places on syndicates tends to be fierce. In many cases lease holders pick syndicate members who have DSC and other qualifications. If might help you in your search if you consider doing it?

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    As mentioned dsc1 is usually the minimum and completion fierce so I have found you have to sell yourself above others by doing dsc1 and dsc2 . don't look on these qualifications as a burden or a chore, you mention you already stalk so these are a natural progression you will find you learn a lot and it will enhance your stalking , but this is only my opinion based on my own experiences. Good luck

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