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Thread: What Lamp

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    What Lamp

    I'm after a new lamp kit does anyone use cluelite clubman CB2 L2 around 250 with the carry handle battery, are they heavy to carry about or is the CB1 more suitable. Or is there a better lamp kit on the market.


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    for my money i went with a tracer 170 lamp and a tracer lithium 12v/14ah battery the lamp can see foxes further than i can shoot and the battery lasts longer than i can be bothered to walk around ive used the clubman lights in the past and yes there ok but the tracer will throw a brighter tighter beam so if you can afford the little bit more for the tracer set up i think you will be better off

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    If that's the one with the Lithium-ion battery, then no they are not heavy at all. I just use mine for spotting eye shine then switch to a gun mounted NM 800.
    Works for me..


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    I would not buy a "lamp" again for walking about. The tac torch that I use olight M3X is all I need. Its quicker to get out of the vehicle and go on foot. You just need a couple or 3 sets of 18650 batteries and there is no cables or plugs to get in the way or fail. Its a fraction of the weight of a "lamp" and battery pack. I have the NM800 on the rifle and use the M3X for searching

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    I've used various lamps and the CB2 throws a good beam. However the battery pack and/or fag-lighter wire options are both a bit of a faff. I've recently acquired one of their pistol lights ((PLR-500) Long Ranger LED Pistol Light - Clulite | Cluson Engineering Ltd.) and it really does what it says. It will pick up road sign reflection in excess of 1.5k. Eye shine at 4-500m - not a problem. Even my tired old eyes can resolve trees and branches at 3-400m.

    One of the problems I find with various aspheric lens gun lights is that they throw a very tight, square spot of light. The Cluson lights use a reflector to focus the beam and as a result you get a halo effect around the bright central spot. I find it really helps to give me some perspective on the target.

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    I use a Lightforce PRED9X gun mounted lamp together with my Lightforce 170 roof mounted lamp, once eye shine has been picked up with the 170 i swap over to the rifle mounted lamp.
    Through my Leupold eye shine is like a pair of headlights and i can make out a fox's body at 300yds although i would not take a shot at the distance unless under exceptional circumstances


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    I went away from traditional lamps many yrs ago when the LED's 1st showed up and haven't looked back , small lights great battery life long range .

    If it's purley distance your after with a good mix of spot & flood then the Olight SR 50 & 51 good choice .

    The cheap T50 is a good option , I have used for many yrs the NM800 as spotter and shooting light the lights have been well used and abused and have never let me down .

    Good luck with your hunt

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    I have had a light force 170 scope mounted lamp in a box in my loading room for the best part of a year, not used it since I used a t67 with a 17 hmr, and then I went back to NV gear,

    i think the days of large lamps on rifles is over(hence mine is still in the shed) to big and cumbersome, why carry a massive lamp battery and all the bits when you go small and carry 2/3 spare batteries in a pocket,

    led is the way to go, but think first some of these t torches cost 1/3 of these so called NM torches are, and just to confirm NM means...No Money left after buying one,


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    got the T20/50 and 67 awesome beam for a maximum 36,NM are crazily expensive for the same effect .The T20 i.r is on my n,v monocular and gives great range and the T67 is a searchlight for all uses as good as NM are the money is better in my pocket than theirs.If you want crazy distance there,s a range of lenses and variations of the T series to do this ,just go on the N.V forum atb Iain
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    I also have a LF170 variable that I used to use , I bought a t20 red led lamp off here real cheap I had no great expectations from it but when I started to use it I was won over as its just as good as a LF without the bulk and I can't fault it

    I still use the LF for spotting if I'm by the motor and it's plugged in but if I'm wondering around its the t20 and 2-3 batteries

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