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Thread: 8x57JR or 8x57IR loads

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    8x57JR or 8x57IR loads

    Hi all, googled the internet to death on this one! Anyone have any sensible starting loads for the above calibres? Not the 8x57 mauser or JRS/IRS.

    I've sourced brass and .318 SP (S&B) in 196gr.

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    American ammunition manufacturers set the SAAMI spec for the 8x57 "Mauser" at 36,000 PSI in the event that a .323" round was loaded into a "J" bore rifle. (Of which we had millions floating around in the surplus market or as 'bring backs' from WWII) I have several "J" bore rifles and usually begin my loads with US data that tops at 36,000PSI. I can then work up as I see fit -which is what should be done with any weapon of any chambering. I have noticed that most of these US loads leave sooty necks from under obturation of the brass even as I work up to maximum.

    The first thing to do is to slug your rifle's groove diameter and take a chamber cast of the throat. You would be surprised how many of the .318" groove rifles tend to run closer to .322" when actually measured.~Muir

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    Thanks Muir, appreciated.

    Have plenty of N150 so was thinking of this: Load 9941 detail in caliber 8x57 JS
    -10% as a starting point.

    Just concerned that 55gr seems like a lot of N150....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcf1 View Post
    Thanks Muir, appreciated.

    Have plenty of N150 so was thinking of this: Load 9941 detail in caliber 8x57 JS
    -10% as a starting point.

    Just concerned that 55gr seems like a lot of N150....
    I don't follow loads from the "submission" web sites. They are just folks who submit a load that they shoot -generally no science behind it. To the point, a quick check of their site shows the max load for a 200 grain bullet is about 49 grains using N150 in the standard 8x57 so that kinda rules out the 55 grain charge. Who you gonna trust?

    Reduce the starting load of N150 from Vhit's web site and you will probably be OK. The problem with Vhit's data is that they do not list pressures. I find that information invaluable n powder selection and load development.

    You haven't mentioned the weapon. What are you shooting? ~Muir

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    Ah yes, its a drilling in 16g & 8x57ir. Beautiful thing, exceptional smithing. Made by Waffenhaus Münzel.
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    I have a pile of recipes for 8x57I, as well as 8x57IR, 8x57IRS, 8x57IS, 8x60 and 8x60S. And I have tried a few of them.

    What is your 8x57I rifle? Mine is an 1888 Commission Rifle, about as weak as they come.

    What powder do you have on hand, or can get?

    As Muir said, slug your bore. Just oil up a piece of 00 buckshot, which should be .320, and tap it into the muzzle with a wooden dowel. Then tap it out from the other end with a wooden dowel, and put the calipers on it.

    Many 8x57I rifles were recut with a chasing broach to make them 8x57IS, because that is all that the .323 bore is - just deeper grooves. The .318 was wearing out too fast. Not all of them, especially military, have obvious reproofing marks.

    The brass can be run with an 8x57IS die, and if it it is not tight enough, you can buy a smaller expanding ball ( at least on the Lee Dies ) for little money.

    Remington 8x57 RN ammo is .321 inch and very mild, because they know someone might fire it in an older 8x57IS rifle. My 1888 likes it.

    Hornady and others make soft 170-gr bullets in .321 inch for the .32-40 Winchester. You can load these up to 2,400 fps at 35,000 PSI and kill deer all day long.

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    Thanks Southern - I have and can readily get N150. Anything you have for the 8x57IR will be gratefully received. I'll try slugging it also. Some helpful info there.

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    I load the 195, 196 and 200 grain bullets in my 8x57IS and 8x60S, to 2,500 up to 2,600 fps, and they shoot great, but it is a hot load, high BC, deep penetration on big game.

    I don't load those heavy bullets in my 8x57IRS nor my 8x57I Commission (1888). And I use 4895 and 4350.

    I would load your drilling at the SAAMI specs:

    139 gr soft point: CIP mv 2690 fps SAAMI 2608 fps

    185 gr Grom (homogenous)bullet: CIP 2460 fps, SAAMI 2181 fps

    196 gr soft point: CIP 2460 fps, SAAMI 2181 fps

    That is a bit more than 10% lower for SAAMI, so I would use 10% below the starting load of N-150. In fact, I would load 43.7 grains of N-150 for the 150, the 170, 180, and 196 grain bullets as my safe guess, based on what I know about the 170 grain.

    VithaVituori loads for 8x57IS:
    8 x 57 IS (8 mm Mauser) - Rifle reloading - Reloading Data - Vihtavuori
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    Perfect, thanks Southern. I'll give that a go. Also the Norma 202 seems a popular choice in 8x57IRS. Some sensible starting points here: 8x57 JRS - Norma

    Just can't seem to source Norma powders easily around here.

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    Also for the reference of anyone else reading this, I managed to find this one on a search: 8x57?? Anybody shoot it? - Page 2

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