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Thread: semi-custom 284

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    semi-custom 284

    Remington action,26" fluted Border barrel, Accuracy international stock, T8 mod, remington trigger, optional Jewell trigger. 200 amax 162grains Round count about 200. Reason for sale lack of useClick image for larger version. 

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    Someone is interested in buying the barrelled action with the Jewell. So the stock could be sold separately if someone is interested in that. Preference give to rifle going complete

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    Is the stock a folding version, I can't quite make it out on the photo ?

    How much would you be looking for ?

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    Looks like a 1.5 nonfolder...might be interested depending on price....

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    Its a non folder, Its as new apart from a couple of marks where the sling attachment has marked it. 525 but barrelled action must go first

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    Hi, is it a long action, has this been throated for 180gr bergers,is it no neck turned reamed, what dies have you got, what is muzzle thread size.what brass have you got
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    long action throated for 162 amax as recommended by rifle smith but he did say 180 bergers will shoot through this too. no neck turning reamed redding fl and seater lapua brass. It was "shot" in as per Border barrels recommendations. 1/2" unf threaded

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    Is it a varmint profile barrel.i think 162s and 180s are throated the same.shame about the 1/2 inch unf thread.if it it varmint profile that seem alot of metal taken off when 18/1 would of been way better size.that would mean a new brake and mod.oh dear never mind. Thanks for the info.regards swaro

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    What fps is 162gr amaxs doing .

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    Take the T8 that comes with it. Shoots in the region of .2

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