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Thread: sako finnfire 1 P94S

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    sako finnfire 1 P94S

    Just purchased a sako finnfire 1 P94S and was wondering what sights are advised for day and night shooting, preferably illuminated and any other recommendations inc moderators to make this setup as good and effective as i can possibly make it!
    Any advise would be much appreciated as i am new to all this firearm business.

    shotguns have been my interested for 20yrs but now have been consumed by the attraction of firearms

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    Good choice of rifle, for a start.

    On mine I have an oldish Kahles 6x42 with an unilluminated reticle no. 4
    For me, that seems to work fine both by daylight and at night under the lamp - partly because the even the thin bit of the ret is thick enough not to disappear at night.
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    as already said youve made a good choice to start with regaurding the rifle, as far as the moderator goes i really wouldnt worrie to much with a .22lr yes some will make it marginaly quiter than the next but it will only be marginal and personally i wouldnt spend the time worrieing about it as for a scope yes a good 6x42 would be a good choice but i think for a 1st scope somthing with a little bigger mag wouldnt go amiss and your budget is going to be king but if you can afford it blockie try and get somthing like a 4-12x50 meopta or minox just to give yourself a bit more mag and both of these makes will work fine under the lamp and if you ever decide to buy a larger rifle the scope could then be used on that

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    forgot to mention aswell illuminated rets are not the be all and end all always go for better quality glass over gadgets

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    forgot to mention aswell illuminated rets are not the be all and end all always go for better quality glass over gadgets
    This is also my experience - hence the Kahles: although it might have been a Zeiss, Swaro or S&B instead if a s/h one had come up at the right time.
    Meopta have good glass also: however, beware their finer reticles under the lamp at night.

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    Thanks guy's for the info you've provided! Been a great help. I managed to pick up a leupold 4.5-14x50 vx III ir scope for 380, a bit big on magnification but saying that my eye's are not the best! It didn't come with batteries and i'm not sure which one's are required! Can anyone provide me with the info reqd? Would be much appreciated.


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    it might be worth contacting leopold direct

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    If you want a clear low light reticle, why not go for a German No1 single post style? - Very good under a lamp. Plenty of those available in Europe.


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    Maybe because as he's stated he's already bought a Leupold?

    ATB Lee

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