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Thread: Wearing eye protection

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    Wearing eye protection

    Just thought i'd post on here, a close friend lost his eye yesterday from a piece of broken clay.
    i know we should all be wearing eye protection but we don't and unfortunately it takes something like this to make us think.
    Its not something i wish to see happen to someone again.

    atb Matt

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    Really sorry to hear that and for your friend - driven clays and high birds I usually put them on - also if you're at a shoot and the set-up is tight and you feel the bits raining down from other stands now and again it doesn't hurt to put them on. I don't go down the route of 'proper' shooting glasses as I've found that the Uvex wrap arounds that I sometimes use for work give a much better field of view and don't distort or mist.

    Good advice and a sad reminder for all us clay shooters - wish him well as he must be devastated
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    So sorry to hear that too.

    I have to say that I invested in a pair of Zeiss prescription shooting glasses a few years ago & I've been delighted with them.

    They're not just for clay shooters either as ricochets can come from anywhere when rough shooting; I even wear them when when rifle shooting now in case of dust or any tiny fragments blowing back.

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    Very sad and thanks for posting. All CPSA and most others that change to shoot made it a stipulation years ago as the insurance would cover it otherwise. It was compulsory on the little clay shoot that I helped to run on the Army camp 10 years ago!

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