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Thread: What do you guys think of my first caped muntjac

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    What do you guys think of my first caped muntjac

    First muntjac buck off the year and took me 3 hours to cape it and wont be doing it agan. Its a nightmare to do especially when im a little rough with a knife.
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    The brisket area looks a bit short to me, will go on a typical SM , but not sure for offset and pedestal
    in my humble opinion, this short video is the most comprehensive lesson on how to do a perfect caping job

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    I would agree, normally you'd be wanting to get back to the back of the rib cage to give the taxidermist plenty of room to play with..... You can't give them too much, they can easily cut off what they don't need but can't put it back on....
    nice wee buck though,
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    Looks ok to me. As long as you cut straight round behind the front legs and also keep the socks of the front legs there will be adequate skin to work with.
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