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Thread: Corkscrew Antlers

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    Corkscrew Antlers

    I shot a youngish Roe buck, prob 2 years old, over the weekend and one antler in particular was just like a corkscrew.

    Any votes for what caused this, I have been told it might be lung worm but nothing found during the cleaning?

    Photos to follow once it comes back from boiling.

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    there is a young buck of a similar nature on my bit of ground.
    he is at foot still.
    he is a miserable looking wee fellow with twisted antlers.
    when i saw him he was on next doors land so there was no shot.
    as i am new to shooting and don't know all ailments i spoke to one of the other knowledgeable members 20+ years and he reckoned liver fluke could cause this type of damage.
    one of the more experienced guys here can confirm deny this for us


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    Usually caused through some injury to the fore leg and it always effects the opposite side of the antler to the injury if no internal infection found like lung worm

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    Corkscrew antlers as opposed to other malformations, are usually caused by liver fluke.

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    This young Buck had lungworm.

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    Cork screwing of antlers is mainly caused by parasitic influences/problems IE lung worm, gad fly larva cause cork screwing.
    there have been many research/studies done by the DJV German hunting authority on the above subject .

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    I thought we should be seeing plenty of malforms this year if we are to believe the Frostbite theory


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    Shot one with both antlers corkscrewed, had damaged testicles; fence or dog.

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