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Thread: Renewal delays

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    Renewal delays

    Hi Folks, does anyone have any idea how much of a delay there is for renewals from South Staffs at the moment? I am now almost 5 weeks past my renewal date having submitted all the papers 2 months early. Still heard nothing. Don't want to phone cos it only slows their office down. I got a Sec 7 but it is only a 'stop gap' as far as I am concerned. All info regarding South Staffs much appreciated.

    Cheers Jerry

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    how long is your temp permit for?

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    Hi Jerry
    I contacted Staffs before my renewal date to ask when it would be actioned and was told it would be approximately 5 weeks late, in fact it took 8. I submitted papers over 3 months in advance.

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    This then brings into question the point of submitting your renewal papers ahead of time, if they are telling you that it is going to be five weeks late even though you have put your papers in early whats the point of doing so?


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    my paperwork will have been in for 11 weeks by the time my ticket runs out, then they issue a temp usually for six months. This is for a renewal not a grant.

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    My co-terminous renewal was application was submitted almost three months in advance of the expiry date which is/was the 3rd January 2016.
    It was printed off ready for delivery 21st December 2015 and delivered to me on the 4th January 2016.

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    Hi TA6319, my temp permit is for 4 months from 17 Jan (cert ran out on the 16th).

    Thanks Jim for your info, Maybe I will get it in the next month if the delay is still the same as it was for your renewal. Although your papers would be in the pile very early, so maybe I have an even longer wait! ie add another month. I hoped that I might hear about an inspection appointment by now. Does anyone think this is the service we pay for????? cos I certainly don't.

    Thanks for the info everyone.

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    Hi Jezza if your FLD is like Essex you will get your temp when your certificate runs out

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    Quote Originally Posted by TA6319 View Post
    Hi Jezza if your FLD is like Essex you will get your temp when your certificate runs out
    Amazing that just over the border in Suffolk I got mine a week before expiry.

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    I managed to get an update on progress of my renewal. I am told by Staffs Firearms Dept that it will be another 3 weeks and then sent back to West Midlands but any further delay will depend on how quickly they collect their post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! That will be 11 weeks overdue if it happens... I suppose that is slight compared with some forces around the UK but it is still galling. Cheers Jerry

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