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Thread: What wind speed meter

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    What wind speed meter

    I am looking at buying a wind speed meter for some long range stuff. Not wishing to pay a fortune and it needs to be reasonable small and easy to use so any ideas would be welcome. Appreciated.


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    Check the kestrel site out from 60pounds upwards,atb doug

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    You may be better learning to read the wind out at distance, the wind meter is ok for checking wind at base but it won't give wind speed or direction out at long range, but it will give you a starting point.

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    by no means a long range expert but I bought one of these
    what it does allow is for me to check wind when not even shooting to better call the wind based on other things
    it also proves I dont know shizzle about reading wind!

    I will guess at a 10mph and it turns out to be 5...or 15!

    Xplorer 2 Skywatch Pocket Wind & Temperature - Handheld Anemometer

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    I have a kestrel good for where you are but as said wind can be different x amount of yards away

    Thomas haugland has a cracking DVD & he explains his method of watching vegetation & had developed his own guesstimate with how bad tree branches / grass etc are bent over .. & has a series of speeds per vegetation movement if that makes sense
    He explains well on video Along with visual prompt etc


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    Thanks for your relies

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    Hi Bryn.

    The one that I use is the Kestrel 2500. I picked up from 'Richard Paul Russell Ltd'. I found them to be reasonably priced there. Not the most expensive by far, but it does all that I need. There are cheaper ones also.


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