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Thread: Kahles K624i Tactical Scope I/R ret

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    Kahles K624i Tactical Scope I/R ret

    Gents , I have decided to sell my Kahles 6-24x56 Ki scope.
    This is undoubtedly one of the very best long range scopes on the planet. as anybody who owns this scope will tell you.
    The optics are amazing - super bright image and a huge welcoming eye box - plus the biggest FOV of any scope I have ever looked through. Scope has the excellent Mil 4 ret in the FFP with illuminated ret - Adjustments are 0.1 mil. The scope oozes quality and is handsome looking tactical scope
    I want 1495 - Boxed with all the paper and warrantee (No offers Please)
    Here is review of the scope >>
    Thanks for looking

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    Gents. Still for sale.

    This is a absolutely world class scope with a massive saving on new.

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    Like new - Kahles 6-24x56

    1495 - Massive saving on new scope

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    damn shame its those nasty sillyradians i would like this in proper measurement.

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    Thought the same until I bought a PM11 with a mil reticule and milradian turrets, far simpler to make calculations and use than a mil reticule with imperial turrets.

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    As BK said - I have used MOA scopes for years - but find mils very easy to use and they make perfect sense for range finding and dialling.

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    Can i ask why you are selling it..

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    Yes - no problem.
    I am will be selling the rifle it mounted on soon , as well as a couple of other rifles (rimfire)
    I plan on getting a 6.5 for deer stalking and just don't need this mag or the ability to dial.

    It is an absolutely wonderful scope in every way.... I just wont have a need for it soon

    Kindest regards.

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    Hi Alan

    Can you drop me a pm so I can have a chat regards scope.. Mobile number..


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    The scope was sold today.
    Thank you for the interest and comments


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