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Thread: Rats and all other pest Wanted for shooting

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    Rats and all other pest Wanted for shooting

    Hi all new to this site.
    I am looking to shoot vermin/pest of all types in Dorchester and surrounding Areas.
    With air rifle or shotgun, i also have the use of dogs on set days for some rat smoking.
    Any takers please let me know.

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    Nice first post Dean.
    I'm afraid with a post like that you will have to join a very big queue ;-)

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    Thanks for reply, i thought that may be the case.
    However you have to try?

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    How about an intro as required by site rules, you were pretty quick off the mark looking for something for nothing but could not be bothered to follow site rules.

    Please provide an introduction, and seeing as you want people to provide you with shooting, it had better be pretty comprehensive, otherwise you will be removed from the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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