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Thread: Oh Boy.

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    Oh Boy.

    I took my son up to a patch of land I have first rights to purchase next year. It's 90 acres of shelf land above river bottom land and a pretty piece at that. It is timber free but has some deep draws on the bottom land side.

    Anyhow, driving up to it we spotted a dozen or better whitetail deer, another group that we couldn't identify due to sunset conditions, and several antelope that crossed the road on the way into "my" property. Not to mention pheasant... Whew! I think JAYB needs to get over here so that he can be my game keeper!~Muir

    (I'll even lend him a tent and cook gear!)
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    I would like to apply for the post of JAYB's assistant.

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    90 acres is a nice size.
    What are your plans with it? exept to store Jayb


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    So that's why you mentioned it to Sheila the other day, I thought it was for the commercial interest I didn't realise I was to be keepering on it . Do you, we, get the shooting rights on it until we, you, decide whether to buy it or not.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    This is America. Of course we can shoot.... right up until we get runnoft the place! Seriously, yes, we can shoot. My buddy Dennis has it leased until I decide.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    90 acres is a nice size.
    What are your plans with it? exept to store Jayb

    No plans Edi. Just have it and pass it along to the offspring. It has a well, a spring and a run-off dam so I guess I could build a house up there if I wanted to. I'm sure it's a cold and windswept spot in the winter.

    SD: If JAYB will share his pup tent I'm OK with it!

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