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Thread: 22_250 Cleaning Advice

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    22_250 Cleaning Advice

    I am just about to take delivery of of s 22-250 tikka and need some advice please. I have 243 (pro shot) cleaning kit my question is will i need seperate 22-250 cleaning or can the 243 stuff be used..


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    Assuming your existing cleaning rod fits into .224" bore, you'll need a new .224" jag and a .224 PB or nylon brush to fit that rod and possibly some slightly smaller patches.


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    Hi bryn.
    If you've got a 22 rimfire, just use the gear used to clean that.. That's all I do, but that's not very often. More like a bore snake after 10 or so rounds but wipe the crown every use.
    Great caliber by the way..

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