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    sniper cam

    Hi, I'm considering digital night vision for foxing. It'll mainly be used on a .22/250. We never shoot more than around 200 metres but it would be nice to spot out further.
    Does anyone have any experience of the sniper cam product?

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    I bought one last week and although I've only tried it on 22LR for rabbits I have to say that I'm very impressed, I'm sure it'll be fine for CF foxing as I could easily see to the other end of the field some 250 yards away. The ability to be able to move it from rifle to rifle and record what your doing simply by pressing a button on the unit is an added bonus.

    I've had DIY E700 add on, yukon photon (old & new), Nitesite NS200 and a Pulsar N550 and this is by far the easiest to use and as good as any of them. Only draw back is the small field of view as my scope was a x5 mag so I might try it next time with an external screen attached to use for scanning and spotting (connector for external screen is already there).

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    Out of interest how much was the Sniper Cam?

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    Good review by my mate here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandooki View Post
    Out of interest how much was the Sniper Cam?
    l paid 350 2nd hand for mine.

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    I believe they are 600 new.

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