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Thread: Skipton/Yorkshire for a week

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    Skipton/Yorkshire for a week

    Hey there I'm currently staying with friends in Skipton for a week and was wondering if anyone handy to the area would have a opportunity for me to go for a deer stalk or shooting foxes whilst I am here heading back to NZ in 3 weeks so would love to shoot a fox especially Open to any help or suggestions thanks guys

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    Hi Andrew,

    Try John Robson of Yorkshire Deer Stalking (YDS) off this site. He likes shooting foxes and is in your area and may be able to accommodate you.


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    its a long way from Skipton to Driffield,
    nearer to go over the Lancs side of the hill.

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    I think there is someone in Harrogate called Cockerdog who's on here. Also I think the Brown Trout fishing and shooting shop does stalking in Harrogate too. Atb 1995rs

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    +1 for cockerdog, he's based out of ripon, nice guy and very helpful.
    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    I'm away until next Monday but if you can get over to cumbria after that (im only a hour from skip ton ) I'll take you out

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    Cheers guys for the replys appreciate it

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    I live in Skipton mate. Just seen you post. Been out for the last 3 night. I'm away stalking this weekend but back Monday. Are you free next week to go foxing

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    Hey thanks for the reply. Unfortunately not we are leaving on Sunday bugger. Would of been really keen maybe next time I'm over cheers

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