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Thread: Wellintons

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    Looking for a new pair of wellingtons just worn through a pair of Le Chamois was woundering what you lot have (I dont like boots at all )

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    Muck boots... 'nuff said...

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    I don't like Hunters, cos my calves are too big and they fall apart. I like Aigle, very comfy, but they didn't last. So I bought a pair of Muck Boot Tay's, they are without doubt the comfiest things I have ever had my feet in. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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    I find Aigle a much better boot than Le Chameau.

    I have unlined Parcours Vario for the spring / summer and the Neoprene version of the same boot for the winter. I think they are excellent.

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    Lacrosse Alphaburly. The comfiest toughest boot I have come accross!

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    Have used Muck Boots for a couple of years, great boots and I covered alot of miles in them, but eventually the neoprene lining gave way at the heel. Currently using a pair of Seeland cotton lined boots, very comfy, vibram sole. I did miss the neoprene lining during the cold winter we just had though!!

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    For me; Le Chameua leather inside chasseur full zip, although expensive when stalking in woodland they are quiet to walk in and you can feel sticks etc under your feet if you are about to tread on it, better than heavier cheaper boots. Also very comfortable and breathe better for my feet. I also have muck boots and love them for everything but stalking, with neoprene on the outside they can snag on brambles and make noise the Chameau does not.

    sorry to sound poncy, but thats my opinion for what it is worth
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    my favorite welly is toggi neoprene lined had them for a while now still like new!! in the snow i wear 2 pairs of socks 1 thin 1 thick i hate the cold!! any other time of the year there great. i bought my son a pair of Le-chameau,tried them on and i thought that they are the same as my old dry suit boot!! brambles or hard rock and they will be ripped to shreds!! Mrs steyr has muck boots for walking the dogs i must say they are neoprene but they are very well made,only fault she has is grip in the snow or on ice,but she got the ones with plimsolls tread!! silly moo! toggi 60, the-Camel 220, dirty mucky boot 50! money no object toggi... tip hole in neoprene use blackwitch to fill then sew fabric,to join (make t-8 reflex cover etc.) use bostik 2402,sew fabric. hope this helps,Graeme.

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    As i use my boots mainly for stalking i am looking for a thinner sole the aigle look ok but the colour is way to green .Looks like i will stick with le chamios as they meet the requirments.They have kept me dry and they are very soft and quiet. So now the question best place on the net to pick up a good pair reasonable.

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