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Thread: Quad Bike

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    Quad Bike

    I will soon be the owner of a quad bike,I am a bit worried about security,any one have any thoughts.
    Maybe a tremor alarm,with a ground anchor/motorbike chain,should say it will be in a small shed,most of the time.
    Ps whats the strongest chain you can buy.

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    To be honest mate, locks and chains are only a mild deterrent for honest people! The invention of battery powered angle grinders with diamond discs has meant that nothing is ever really safe. Best protection is insurance I'm afraid. If it is insured and locked, at least you should get a replacement. If they want it they will take it, with or without your blessing. Sadly, the police will not be interested either. Mine lives in a locked barn on a trailer which has a wheel lock on it and it is insured. Every time I go to collect it I expect it to be gone, which one day I'm sure it will be! I also have it plated and taxed for 'limited use' which at least makes it more traceable in the short term. Sorry to sound negative, but it's hard to be positive when you see how much kit goes missing with little or no regard from the law.

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    Forgive my lack of knowledge but can you insure a off road quad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony rentokil View Post
    Forgive my lack of knowledge but can you insure a off road quad?
    I did mine through the NFU. I think it cost about 120.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony rentokil View Post
    Forgive my lack of knowledge but can you insure a off road quad?
    hope so I've had 3 go walk about in 15 yrs

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    Think along the lines of your firearms security (no, I don't mean put it in a small cabinet) in that the first line of defence is concealment. Make sure nobody can see it in your shed. Don't put it away when there's anybody about, not just someone that looks dodgy, but workers doing the roof next door or bin men or whatever. Does the shed have a concrete floor? Take a look at ground anchors (used for motorbikes). Maybe a bollard or two (the fold down ones) in front of the door, or the shed door padlocked to the ground. An immobiliser of some sort could be good. Won't stop everyone but will stop the joy riders.

    You can get movement sensors now that will call your mobile if anything is detected. Ideal if you are thereabouts, but maybe a nightmare if you are in Majorca!

    Don't know how much your quad bike is worth, but, as suggested do the sums and see if insurance adds up. If it's road registered, you'll have to have third party insurance, so consider TPF&T.

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    We supplied an ATV to a police force that was having lots stolen in its area. The police had two trackers fitted to it and it got stolen on quite a few occasions whilst in police possession.
    On the last occasion when it was due to be returned to us, the police left it in a layby on a locked trailer, and jacked up the trailer and removed a trailer wheel.
    The police recovered it, the culprits had a stolen ATV, on a stolen trailer, being towed by a stolen transit van!!!!!!!!

    On a separate occasion a farm I shoot over had an ATV stolen and the thieves cut out strips of fencing on 7 fields to get the unit away to a road a mile away.

    Sorry its not positive but if you manage to hang onto it your doing well. If you want to buy a new one let me know.

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    Your quad is just as much at risk while it is on the back of a trailer while you are stalking. I know a guy who lost one in Ayrshire that way. I chain mine through rear axle of the quad then through the trailer A bar then through the tow bar at the back of the truck. Nice heavy chain and quality a lock should stop the average bolt croppers. If I don't need a 4X4 I go stalking in the van and keep the quad out of sight.

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    If they want it they usually get it fit a tracker and get insurance

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    we we had ours stollen last year. they came with a battery powered angle grinder, that did not work on the chains and on the stainless door security covers,

    they left us with just a few images on our security cameras and marks on the doors, they came back 4 nights later with oxyacetylene and cut the gate off then the doors then the quad bike floor mounted brackets.

    if they want it they will get it, secure it. hide it just do everything you can and insure it,

    best of luck

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