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Thread: Don't expect any help from basc

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    Don't expect any help from basc

    Don’t expect any help from BASC

    I had a client out stalking with me whose girlfriend made a report to Essex police that he was harassing her, he was arrested questioned and released and he thought that was the end of that.
    Four years later his firearms licence was revoked under operation Wishbone who targeted potential violent licence holders in Essex, as he was totally innocent he appealed against the decision and asked BASC legal department to help him, his request was refused as they said the original incident happened before their legal insurance came into force, he went to court and although his ex girlfriend refused to give evidence the decision was upheld.

    Two year later he moved to East Sussex and re applied to Sussex police who
    after looking into his previous history gave him back his licence, Happy Days you would think,
    Six months later his licence was revoked again no reason was given and it transpires that it was pressure from above.
    Mr West who still was a member of BASC rang them up and asked again for help which again was refused they said stating the same excuse. Mr West said that this was a totally different incident and offered to pay half the court costs, BASC refused to help so Mr West at great expense appealed again and at the hearing today it was made quiet clear that he had held both shotgun and firearms certificates for thirty years and had no previous history of violence and in fact had never been it trouble with the police ever, the court was adjourned until 3pm. We sat and listened carefully to the judges summing up and was delighted when the judge ruled in Mr wests favour. Sussex Police handed Mr West back his licence and he and his family left the court room very happy.

    Thanks must go to Mike Wells of the Sportsmans Association and his Barrister who did a splendid job. The reason for posting this on the forum is simply this.

    Don’t think that because you have legal insurance with BASC they will act on your behalf as they clearly will not as Mr West found out you are on your own, I for one will be looking to join another shooting organisation
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    Great post, and I'm glad your friend finally got his licence back, I'm appalled by the way BASC have acted towards his case, I to will be looking for an alternative insurance? Who is best to go with? Without paying a shed load of money.

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    Sacs, they will back you up. Atb blue.

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    I would be interested to hear BASC version on this thread from David. However it doesn't sound good at all!

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    Sounds like it was BASC Insurance Company and sounds like they are the same as any other insurance company when it comes to paying out,they dont want to!!

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    Are sacs really any better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuck View Post
    Are sacs really any better?
    I doubt it if there insurance is underwritten by the same company as BASC!

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    I left BASC for the same reason as the person above they would not act on my behalf over firearms so what are you paying for, when't to SACS and what ever we have ask they have put a person on it so can only say from what i know my mate was refused a larger centre- fire from what he had and SACS they sorted that out for him so good from are point

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    I'm pretty sure sacs no longer actually has its legal cover underwritten anymore and just funds it it's self.

    The SGA (persume NGO might too) has legal cover for keeper mimbers

    It is a worrying time now as the most law abiding people in society, doesnae take much after decades off perfect behaviour and ur tickets are gone.

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    If there's a get out, insurance companies will use it and not pay. Whether it's car, shooting, house or whatever, to them it's just financial. No thought for customers once they've reeled you in and paid the premium. I doubt that BASC itself had much to do with whether their insurance would stump up. Although perhaps they should....

    But as is normal hereabouts, we have one side of this matter explained to us. I'm not saying at all that there's any untruths in it, but who knows what other parties say about this.

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